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Anode groundbeds

The Chemservice company is well-known among the specialists in the field of corrosion protection. It is popular with its anodes Mendeleevets which are essential for the system of corrosion protection.

The most demanded anodes are made of silicon iron and this alloy gives 35 years of anode grounding service because of low dissolution rate. At the same time, products of dissolution of silicon iron have high conductivity and, as a result, have no effect on the value of transitional resistance anode-soil.

Chemservice was the first company in the Russian market to offer magnetite anodes which are highly resistant to aggressive corrosive soils. Dissolution rate of magnetite is a little bit lower than the one of silicon iron and this fact gives an opportunity to make light and compact anodes.

In 2012 the company began to produce poorly soluble anodes on the basis of mixed metaloxides. The uniqueness of this type is an extremely low dissolution rate, so they are almost insoluble.