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History of the Company

Andrey Zorin
Andrey ZORIN

The company was founded by Andrey Zorin in 1994. A team of young specialists began to develop the construction of the anode groundbed for systems of ECP (Electrochemical Protection) working in parallel on the diagnostics of underground pipelines condition.

The fast development of the company began in 1995 when the first series of silicon iron anodes Mendeleevets-MM was released. It was the first big achievement and commercial success of the company.

In 1998-1999 a great work was made and that helped to pass successfully a departmental test of Gazprom. As a result the anode groundbeds Mendeleevets-MM have received a formal recommendation for use on objects of Gazprom.

The next 2-3 years deep anodes Mendeleevets-MG, complete anodes Mendeleevets-MK and Mendeleevets-MKG and also a coke-mineral activator (KMA) were developed and intergrated for producing.

In 2003 a new department was created and it was oriented on the development and production of machinery and equipment for diagnostics of pipelines. Starting with relatively simple equipment, the specialists of the company gradually shifted to the development of multifunctional measuring devices such as Diacor, IR-1 Mendeleevets, IPP-1 Mendeleevets, etc.

A. Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom management Board, presents Chemservice with the science and technology Award
A. Miller, Chairman
of the Gazprom management Board,
presents Chemservice with the Science
and Technology Award

It should be noted that the work on the equipment of brand name Mendeleevets is conducted in close cooperation with specialists of the Pipeline Diagnostics Department in the process of developing and testing devices in real conditions. The result of such cooperation is production of reliable devices with optimal functionality, easy in operating and maintenance.

For more than twenty years of work the Chemservice has won recognition among specialists of ECP not only in Russia but also abroad. The quality of goods and services of Chemservice

is confirmed by certificates, prestigious industry diplomas and awards the special place among which takes the prize of Gazprom in the field of science and technology.

In May 2011 Andrey Zorin died. And Galina Zorina has taken the management of the company having headed the Board of Management of the company. In March 2012 according to the unanimous decision of the Board of Management the company was awarded the name of A. Zorin.

Major efforts of the company are aimed at introducing high-tech solutions in the Russian production and satisfying the needs of domestic enterprises in high quality equipment of CP (corrosion protection) surpassing foreign analogues.

The company Chemservice aims to be a worthy representative of oil and gas industry in Russia, prouds of its history, huge experience and, what is the most important, of its team that is in fact not in word gaining the trust of its consumers.