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DSK-1 Mendeleevets - Corrosion rate sensor

DSK-1 - Corrosion rate sensor
DSK-1 - Corrosion rate sensor


Certified in the EAC Certified in the Maritime Register of Shipping

Application area

Corrosion rate sensor DSK-1 Mendeleevets is used for measurement of the depth and the rate of corrosion of underground steel pipelines. The sensors give the opportunity to estimate efficiency of electrochemical protection of underground metal construction and to detect the degree of corrosion danger.

The sensors are installed stationary in the ground in close proximity the underground steel construction.

Technical details

Type of the sensor is resistive. The working principle is based on measuring the resistance of steel active element and recording the changes of its thickness in time as a result of corrosion. The sensor allows to determine the depth of corrosion and the rate of corrosion of underground metal construction.

DSK scheme
Pic.1 - DSK scheme
  1 – body;
2 – active element;
3 – product label
4 – cable;
5 – connector

Measuring scheme and permanent (nonvolatile) memory are built in the sensor and this construction provides precision and stability of measurements.

Depending on the construction there are two types of sensors:
DSK-1-1.5 – are intended for zones with high corrosion with corrosion rate more than 0.3 mm/year;
DSK-1-0.7 – are intended for zones with raised corrosion with corrosion rate from 0.1 to 0.3 mm/year, and for zones with moderate corrosion with corrosion rate less than 0.1 mm/year.



  • Precision and stability of measurements do not depend on the measuring device, it is provided with the sensor by means of built-in measuring scheme;
  • Built-in permanent (nonvolatile) memory for storage of data;
  • It’s not needed any special display instrument;
  • Digital communication interface can be connected to laptops, pads, telemetry systems and so on;
  • Built-in scheme of temperature compensation of measures.

Technical data

Parameter nameDSK-1-0.7-XXDSK-1-1.5-XX
Useful life, mm, no less than 0,5 1,1
Measurement resolution of corrosion, mcm, no more than 4 5
Limits of allowed absolute deviation of corrosion measurement, mcm, no more than ±3,5 ±10
Limits of allowed additional deviation caused by change of ambient temperature by each 10 °C in the working limits of temperatures, mcm, no more than ±0,4 ±1,0
Working range of supply voltage, V от 4,25 до 5,25
Useful current, mA, no more than 270
Volume of internal non-volatile memory of the sensor provides measurements data storage, no less than 150
Communication interface RS232*
Climatic modification of the sensor UHL 5
Limits of working temperatures, °C from -20 to +45
Dimensions not including cable (LxWxH), mm, no more than 130x55x25
Weight of the sensor with cable and connector, kg, no more than 2
Service lifetime in conditions of effective ECP, years, no less than 5
*Attention! For connecting to a PC the USB cable is required. You should include USB cable into your order at the first purchase of DSK-1.


  DSK-1 - 0.7 - 10   Specifications 3435-036-24707490-2015
RCP (Russian Classification of Product) 343560
  Nominal cable length:
7, 10 or 13 m;
  The thickness of the active element:
0.7 or 1.5 mm;
  Type of the sensor:
corrosion rate sensor