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Mendeleevets-MG – deep silicon iron anodes


Included in the Gazprom register
Included in the Transneft register

Certification: CU (Customs Union),

Favourable decision of a sanitary-hygienic
commission of experts

Application area

Deep groundbeds Mendeleevets-MG are used to be installed in boreholes in such places where the upper layers of the soil with the capacity more than 5 m have electrical resistivity more than 100 Ohm∙m and in areas with dense building or with limited access for anodic field.



  1. silicon iron electrode;
  2. silicon iron electrode;
  3. connecting cable;
  4. cable jumper;
  5. fixings;
  6. section case;
  7. gas outlet tube;
  8. hinge joint


  • a - position for transportation;
  • b - position for mounting

Technical details

The block of the deep groundbed consists of two sections, both of them have two silicon iron electrodes interconnected electrically. So each groundbed block includes four electrodes.

Current distribution is provided through two connecting cables (one cable for each section). Connecting cables don’t have any discontinuities along the length and they are drawn outside to the surface to be attached to the anodic cable line. Connecting cables are set in the factory. The length of each cable is determined by the depth of installation in the borehole.

Transportation of the block is realized in the folded way (see photo above). While installation the sections unfold and take coaxial position (see illustration).

The design provided for connection of blocks into the chain, that allows to raise current loading and to reduce transitional resistance. Maximum quantity of the deep groundbed blocks which can be installed into one borehole is 4 pieces.

Gas that is formed while working of deep groundbed is drawn outside to the surface through the gas outlet tube. The gas outlet tube has perforation along all the height of the chain and is delivered for the the concrete order on the basis of one tube for one chain of groundbeds installed in the borehole. The length of the gas outlet tube is equal to the depth of the borehole.

The hollow space around the anode should be filled with a coke-mineral activator (KMA) produced by Chemservice in order to reduce spreading resistance of anodic current and to slow down anodic dissolution.

Technical data

Parameter nameValue
Current load, A, not more than 29,2
Anodic dissolution rate, kg/(A∙year), no more than 0,3
Dimensions of electrode working surface, mm:
- Length (height)
- Diameter

Assembled anode dimensions , mm, no more than:
- Length unfolded
- Length folded
- Diameter

Nominal anode weight, kg 43
Assembled anode weight, kg, no more than 250
Maximum (max) quantity of groundbed blocks in the hole, pcs., no more than 4
Service lifetime, years, no less than 35

Delivery set

The delivery set depends on the main order parameters: quantity of blocks and the depth of the borehole for the installation. All consumables needed for the groundbed installation and their connection to the anodic line are included in the delivery set.


There are following conventions for ordering deep anode groundbeds Mendeleevets-MG:

4 MG - 70 х 10 (PKZ-PvPp) - 50 х 16 (VVGng) - KZ . G YU 3435-040-24707490-2016
(instead TU 3435-002-24707490-2001),
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Number of anode groundbeds in the kit, pcs.: no more 4;
2 Depth of the borehole, m;
3 Anode cable core section, mm²: 10, on request: 16;
4 Anode cable type: PKZ-PvPp,
on request: PKZ-PvP, PKZ-FF-ng(A);
5 Length of the main cable, m;
6 Main cable core section, mm²: 16, on request: 25;
7 Main cable type: VVGng,
on request: PKZ PvP, PKZ-PvPp, PKZ-FF-ng(A);
8 Cable joint kits:
cable clamps (KZ), thermit welding (TS), cable terminations (TM);
or their combinations (KZ+TM, TS+TM)
9 Gas outlet tube included
Parameters 5-7 can be omitted