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PKV Mendeleevets - Pin brazing unit

PKV Mendeleevets
PKV Mendeleevets
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Certified in the EAC Certified in the INTERGAZCERT Certified by the National Welding Inspection Agency (NAKS) 100 best products 2015

Application area

The unit is used to braze cathodic, drainage or measuring fasteners to the pipeline as an alternative to the thermit welding. Thanks to automatic control of the process of pin brazing the result is a strength joint of cable and metal construction.

Pin brazing may be realized on the constructions with wall thickness of 2 mm without decrease in working pressure. The staff is not required to have any special skills for this kind of work, the device practically excludes a human factor and allows to work in any weather conditions.

It is used with electrodes of EVP Mendeleevets.

  • more technological production in comparison with other types of connections;
  • there is no destruction of material to which pin brazing of the outlet is carried out;
  • allowed wall thickness of the base is less in comparison with other types of connections;
  • the process is maximum automated;
  • it doesn’t require high qualification of the operator;
  • the low voltage of the battery provides safety of the operator;
  • possibility of pin brazing in any position of the holder of electrodes.

Video about PKV Mendeleevets (russian)

Technical details

The installation consists of the battery, the control unit and the electrode holder. The battery and the control unit are in one sealed plastic case. The fire and explosion safe elements that have a large number of charge-discharge cycles and low internal resistance are used for the battery.

    There are two types of pins depending on construction design:
  • for pin brazing of copper cable lugs;
  • for threaded connection of copper.

Technical data

Parameter nameValue
Nominal pipe diameter for pin brazing (certified in VNIIGAZ*) from DN80 to DN1400
Nominal pipe thickness for pin brazing, mm (certified in VNIIGAZ**) from 4 to 42
Pin brazing strength***, kN, no more than 5
Number of brazes from one charge of the battery under environment temperature 25 °С, no more than 40
Charging time, hours, no more than 5
Environment temperature for good working, °С from minus 20 to plus 40
Relative air humidity under the temperature +25 °С, %, no more than 95
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm, no more than 440х250х350
Weight, kg, no more than 16
* It is possible to pin braze on the pipes with diameter from DN15;
** It is possible to pin braze on the pipes with thickness from 2 mm;
*** Only for recommended for using electrodes EVP Mendeleevets

The delivery set of PKV Mendeleevets

Name of items for delivery setQuantity
in the bag
in the case
With additional
PKV Mendeleevets, pcs. + + +
Bag for accessories + - -
Accessory Case
(dimensions of the base case 390х310х192 mm,
case dimensions with additional equipment 619х493х220 mm)
- + +
 Сharging device + + +
Cable set, set + + +
Electrode holder + + +
Bushing for electrode D8 + + +
Bushing for electrode M85 - + +
Bushing for electrode M105 - - +
Bushing for ceramic rings D85 + + +
Bushing for ceramic rings D125 - + +
Magnetic ground contact + + +
Cable to join the electrode holder + + +
Device for testing the separation distance of the electrode + + +
Сordless grinder - - +
Charging device for сordless grinder - - +
Hardmetal burr clean-out places of soldering - - +
Abrasive cutter clean-out places of soldering - - +
- open ended spanner 8х10
- open ended spanner 10х13
- open ended spanner 17х19
- hammer, pcs.
- pliers, pcs.
- slotted screwdriver
- metal broom, pcs.
- allen key 3 mm
- goggles
1 шт.
1 шт.
1 шт.
1 шт.
1 шт.
2 шт.
2 шт.
1 шт.
1 шт.
1 шт.
1 шт.
1 шт.
1 шт.
- electrode (pin) EVP-D8 (20 pcs.)
- electrode (pin) EVP-M8 (10 pcs.)
- electrode (pin) EVP-M10 (10 pcs.)
- cable lug TM 10-8-5-KO (with inspection hole) (10 pcs.)
- cable lug TM 16-8-6-KO (with inspection hole) (10 pcs.)
- ceramic ferrule Ø8, pcs. (20 pcs.)
- ceramic ferrule Ø12 (20 pcs.)
- - +
Сontainer for storage of expendables - + +
Оperating manual + + +
Комплект ПКВ


There are follow conventions for order the pin brazing unit PKV Mendeleevets:

PKV Mendeleevets, the base set in the bag;
PKV Mendeleevets, the base set in the case;
PKV Mendeleevets, the set with additional equipment 

Specifications 3441-032-24707490-2013,
RCP (Russian Classification of Product) 344186