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KIP HS Mendeleevets - Control testing station

KIP HS - Control station
KIP HS - Control station
Included in the registers:
Included in the register of GAZPROM


Certified in the EAC Certified in the INTERGAZCERT

Control testing station KIP HS are designed for switching power and measuring circuits of electrochemical protection and control of ECP parameters. Control testing stations KIP are set along the route of underground pipelines at certain intervals according to normative document requirements, as well as at intersections with other communications, roads, water hazards, etc. Control testing stations KIP can be used to mark the route and to make picketage of underground pipelines. For this at the top of the Control Testing Station the cover with distance mark is installed.

    Modifications of KIP HS:
  • KIP HS with built-in BSZ (joint protection unit);
  • KIP HS with built-in UZZ (protection ground unit)


  • convenient in service control board;
  • special construction of power and measuring fasteners provides reliable cable connection;
  • bright marking and the presence of reflective elements allow to localize the pipeline route even in the dark/night time;
  • application of the information at the factory;
  • light weight of the product;
  • resistance to the influence of environment;
  • the set of artworks and paint for picketage of the cover with distance mark

Technical details

KIP HS consists of a stand with printed information about the object, control board with contact clamps and, if needed, cover with distance mark. The stand KIP is made of polymeric noncombustible material and it has a light weight at standard size. The structural iron is made so that to minimize deformation possibility under the influence of external factors. KIP is equipped with reflective elements in order to be located in the dark.

Control board KIP has necessary number of measuring and power clamps that gives the opportunity to use KIP almost for any design concepts. Measuring and power clamps are made of nonferrous metal or galvanized steel and provide reliable connection of measuring cables with sections of to 6 mm2 and power cables with sections of to 35 mm2. Plastic stand has triangled and square section with side plane of 180 mm. In order to make work with cables and wires more convenient in KIP HS it is equipped with two windows: diagnostic – for measurement of ECP parameters during operation, mounting – for installation and maintenance works.

KIP HS terminal panel

Connection and labeling of terminals


KIP HS . 2 . 1 . 12-4 . K300х400 TU 3435-027-24707490-2010,
1 2 3 4
1 Digital notation of colour of a signal cap:
1 – blue (pipelines of objects of production);
2 – yellow (main pipeline);
3 – green (pipelines of underground storage);
4 – red (gas-distributing pipeline);
2 Digital notation of the stand type:
1 – triangled (plane 180mm, height 2.7m), white;
12 – triangled (plane 180 mm, height 2.7 m), yellow;
2 – square (plane 200 mm, height 2.7 m), white;
22 – square (plane 200 mm, height 2.7 m), yellow;
3 Number of measuring and power clamps:
0, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 – measuring clamps;
0, 4, 6, 8, 16 – power clamps;
4 Distance mark:
K – is delivered with cover of distance mark
(not marked for KIP without distance mark):
300х400 mm or 400х500 mm
KIP can include the additional equipment. For this purpose it is necessary
to specify the required parameters in the end of Convention