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Mendeleevets-MRG - deep MMO anodes

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МРГ, цепочкаApplication area

Deep MMO titanium groundbeds may be used for installation both in closed holes and in open ones (in such places where there is a static level of ground waters). Besides, this type of groundbeds can be used at reconstruction of overaged deep anode groundbeds (DAG) made from steel pipes.

Installation of MMO titanium anode groundbeds into the hole is made manually and do not require any additional works.

  1. passing MMO titanium electrode;
  2. end MMO titanium electrode;
  3. cable

Technical details

There are two types of MMO titanium groundbeds: a chain and a garland.

The chain is five MMO titanium anodes joined by a connecting cable. The cable goes through the internal cavity of the electrode and has an electric contact with it. The anodes are at a certain distance from each other which is 1,7 or 3,4 m. The general length of the chain is equal to the length of the installation in a hole. Quantity of anodes in a chain may vary from one to five and it is mentioned in the order.

The garland is several chains of anodes in one hole, they are disposed one over another with definite distance which is mentioned in a project. Most often the garland consists of several chains from one MMO titanium anode.

If MMO titanium groundbeds are installed into closed holes the cokemineral activator (KMA) must be used to fulfill the hollow space around.

For open holes polymeric perforated pipes are used. The length of the installation in open holes is determined by a season minimal level of ground waters as the electrodes must be placed below the water level. Big advantage of the installation in the open holes is opportunity to carry out examination, repair and replacement of groundbeds in use.

In the construction of MMO titanium groundbeds a connecting cable is a carrying element of the construction and it is used in the installation of the groundbed into the hole. You can see the schemes of installation of the deep MMO titanium anodes Mendeleevets-MRG at the page 10, they are equal to the schemes of installation of magnetite anodes.

Installation in closed boreholes

Installation in closed boreholes
  1. passing MMO titanium electrode;
  2. end MMO titanium electrode;
  3. cable;
  4. drainage aggregate (crushed stone, gravel, etc.);
  5. KMA

Installation in open boreholes

Installation in open boreholes
  1. MMO titanium electrode;
  2. perforated plastic pipe;
  3. cable;
  4. the ground water level;
  5. centralizer of pipe;
  6. cable from CP station

Technical data

Parameter nameValue
Current load, A, no more than 11*
Anodic dissolution rate, kg/(A∙year), no more than 0,01
Dimensions of electrode working surface, mm:
- length (height)
- diameter

Assembled anode dimensions , mm, no more than:
- length (height)
- diameter

Assembled anode weight, kg, no more than 1,6*
Max quantity of groundbeds in a hole, pcs., no more than No limits
Service lifetime, years, no less than 30
*The value is given for a chain of one poorly soluble anode. The chain length, the current load and the weight of a groundbed of several poorly soluble anodes are determined by a number of anodes in a chain.

Delivery set

Quantity of anodes in a set may be changed depending on the order. All consumables needed for the groundbed installation and their connection to the anodic line are included in the delivery set.

Cable captures included into the delivery set are intended for posing groundbeds in the mouth of the hole and the removal of load from a connecting cable.