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Mendeleevets-MK – shallow, complete silicon iron anodes


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Certification: CU (Customs Union),

Favourable decision of a sanitary-hygienic
commission of experts

Application area

Complete anode groundbeds are meant to be used as an element of a shallow anode groundbed for installation in soils with high resistivity.

It is possible both types of disposition: horizontal and vertical.

Technical details

Схема Менделеевец-МК
  1. silicon iron electrode;
  2. coke-mineral activator (KMA);
  3. connecting cable;
  4. container;
  5. cover for tranportation;
  6. centralizer;
  7. clamp

Complete groundbed Mendeleevets-MK is a container with silicon iron electrode inside and the hollow space around it is filled with a cokemineral activator (KMA).

There are two modifications of the groundbeds different in weight and dimensions: MK(23) and MK(43).

Container is a capacity for even spreading of KMA and also for comfort transportation and installation. Container is made of galvanized steel and it dissolves fast after installation. There is a clamp at the top of the groundbed to facilitate installation work.

Length of the connecting cable is 2m in the standard option.

Quantity of anode groundbeds, distance between them and the type of disposition are determined by the project of cathodic protection.

Joining of anodic cable and backbone cable is carried out by using thermit welding or cord fasteners. We use thermocontracting couplers for isolation of cable joinings.

Technical data

Parameter nameValue
Current load, A, no more than 4,7 8,8
Anodic dissolution rate, kg/(A∙year), no more than 0,25
Dimensions of electrode working surface, mm:
- Length (height)
- Diameter


Assembled anode dimensions , mm, no more than:
- Length (height)
- Diameter


Nominal anode weight, kg 23 43
Assembled anode weight, kg, no more than 70 90
Lifetime, years, no less than 35

Delivery set

Standard delivery set includes 20 pcs. of anodic groundbeds with consumables necessary for their connection to the anodic pipeline cable. It is possible to change quantity of groundbeds according to the order.


There are following conventions for ordering complete anode groundbeds Mendeleevets-MK:

24 MK (43) - 2 х 10 (PKZ-PvP) - 200 х 16 (VVGng) - KZ TU 3435-040-24707490-2016
(instead TU 3435-004-24707490-2002),
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Number of anodes, pcs.: not restricted;
2 Nominal mass of an electrode, kg: 23 or 43;
3 Anode cable length, m;
4 Anode cable core section, mm²: 10, on request: 16;
5 Anode cable type: PKZ-PvP,
on request: PKZ-PvPp, PKZ-FF-ng(A);
6 Length of the main cable, m;
7 Main cable core section, mm²: 16, on request: 25;
8 Main cable type: VVGng,
on request: PKZ PvP, PKZ-PvPp, PKZ-FF-ng(A);
9 Cable joint kits:
cable clamps (KZ), thermit welding (TS), cable terminations (TM)
or their combinations (KZ+TM, TS+TM)
Parameters 6-8 can be omitted